Here are some guidelines when using the chat to clients feature on individual roles:

  1. If you did a search and were unable to find appropriate profiles, before reaching out to the client, let us know on #superrecruiters channel from slack.
  2.  We will ask someone else to have a look before providing feedback to the client. 
  3. Identify yourself as one of the Sourcing Recruiters working on the job, using your name. 
  4. As well as highlighting the sourcing issue, come up with a suggestion to increase the candidate pool, such as relaxing one of the non-urgent hard skill requirements. Visage Super Recruiters are expected to be sourcing experts, therefore, you need to think of solutions to help the client. 
  5. Increasing the sourcing location area should only be a last resort, once all other options have been exhausted. 
  6. Make sure to check spelling. We suggest installing Grammarly to assist you. 
  7. The tone should be pleasant and helpful.
  8. Don’t react negatively to client feedback. If you disagree with it, let us know.
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