The purpose of this document is to outline the process of sourcing candidate profiles on behalf of Visage and its customers. Visage Recruiting Sourcers source and submit profiles of passive candidates directly to clients. The objective is to provide top quality profiles that match the client requirements as outlined on the platform. This method requires a deep sense of coordination between you, the freelancer, and Visage. 

Scope of the role

-Source candidates using job boards that you have access to
-Find valid email addresses for each candidate
-Submit profile resumes and email addresses on the Visage platform
-Plan for up to two hours for each batch of 20 candidates
-If you are unable to work on a role assigned to you within 24 hours, let us know and we will reassign it
-Work on any role you feel comfortable with. If you have saturated your search or are stuck, simply release the role and pick another.
-You will not be penalized for giving up a role 


Upon completing the trial and having your score verified, you will be invited to attend an onboarding call, where a member of the Visage team will run through the requirements and answer any questions. 


We will invite you to Slack where most of the collaboration with the Visage team will happen. You will need to monitor the superrecruiters slack channel, where we will communicate on a daily basis. Please feel free to ask any questions, provide job related feedback and join in on any discussion.

Visage related sourcing information

Please read through the following links:


Step 1: Claim a job on your Recruiting Sourcer Dashboard 

All open, applicable jobs will appear on your dashboard. You are free to work on any of these jobs at any time. However, some jobs may display the following notices in searching tips: 

************JOB BOARD SOURCING ONLY*****************
If you see this, only source if you have access to job boards. Linkedin profiles are not accepted. 


If you see this, do not source unless you are invited to work the job. 

Step 2: Read carefully through the job information

Read the job description
Note the sourcing location, years of experience and the Required skills, experience or qualifications
Read any notes from the client
Ask any questions you have before starting your search
Your candidates will go directly to the client (no safety net). We measure your performance looking at the ratio

Step 3: Search for profiles that match the requirements
Search using job boards that include LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Google, ATS, Github Resume, Careerbuilder, Ziprecruiter, Simplyhired

Step 4: Find email addresses for each profile
Tools to use include Hiretual, Hunter, Prophet, Rocketreach, ContactOut, LeadLeaper 

Step 5: Submit the profiles to the job
Simply drag and drop pdf resumes anywhere on the job, then fill in the candidate location and email address

You can view all the results of your submissions on the dashboard on your platform. Check out the Sourcing Monitoring page to find out how Visage reviews and quality controls your submissions. 

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