What is a profile ?

A candidate profile that was sourced, enriched and vetted by Visage. When you subscribe to a Visage plan you get a number of profiles that you can request on your jobs depending on your needs.

How does it work ?

A job posting costs 20 profiles because that's the number of candidate profiles we will provide you with to get started and to better understand your search. These will be taken from your profiles balance after our experts quickly review your job description and requirements to make sure they are ready to be sourced for.

After reviewing every batch of profiles you can modify your search, give feedback to your recruiters and request a new batch. 🙂

Every new request for more sourcing will take another 20 profiles from your account balance. 

What if you don't find as many candidates as requested ?

Sometimes, not enough candidates match your requirements. Instead of sourcing for candidates that are not suitable, Visage will automatically credit your account for the number of missing profiles when you review the batch.

Where can I see my profiles balance ?

Top right of the app next to the search bar!

I can't request a new batch because my balance is too low.

Reach out to sales@visage.jobs 

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