Before you start contacting candidates, we recommend that you set up your custom email domain - it increases open rate % on the initial email and improves the candidate experience. 

Here is how to get it set up: 

  1. Click on your name on the top of your dashboard and select 'Profile':

2. Click on 'EDIT' under the 'Email Signature' section. You will then see that the first option (emails via visage) is the default option: 

3. Click on the second option. This will mean that emails to candidates will not show '' 

4. You will then see it is 'Unverified' and information will appear that you need to send over to your IT for it to be verified. It will look like the below: 

5. Make sure to hit 'SAVE' 

6. Send this information to your IT as soon as possible. Once IT takes care of it, it then takes Amazon Web Services about 2 days to verify - so the sooner we can get it set up the better :) 

Not sure what to tell IT? 

Ask them to add the records to the DNS so that Visage is allowed to send emails to candidates using your email address.

There are 4 records, 1 TXT record and 3 CNAME records. They are able to copy them from your user profile in Visage and manually add them to the DNS records depending where your domain name is hosted.

Security info for IT: 

Our rules: 

  • We never send emails on behalf of users that have not been validated by the user
  • We never send emails from your domain with another email address than the users ones
  • We make sure we remain under 5% bounce rate 
  • When an email bounces; we stop contacting this email for good
  • We send 3 emails per candidate maximum, we have an average of 2 emails per candidate and we contact between 30 and 50 candidates per week per job; so it's a total of 60 to 300 emails per week
  • We watch the complaint rate everyday carefully so it remains below 0.03%
  • We are using Amazon SES as a technical third party and to preserve their sender reputation they carefully watches those same metrics.
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