Our Client Success Manager will reach out to set up a convenient time to quickly on board you and walk you through a live job posting to ensure full transparency. 

Posting a job takes no more than 5-10 min. 

There are 3 main sections to complete: 

About the Job, About the Candidate and Anything Else to Know: 

1. About the Job is purely the title and the job description (JD) - which is only copy and pasting your JD (regardless of what it looks like - we will take care of this):

2. About the Candidate is your most important section. Why? These are what we call the ‘must-haves’ so what you put in is what you will get out - our community searches based off of this information provided. 

It includes: years of experience, locations you are open to us searching from and 3-4 hard skills, qualifications that are readable off of an online profile.

3. The Additional info section is for you to give us any other extra info that is only visible to us. You can also let us know which companies you do not want us to search candidate profiles from (blacklist domains). 

You will then be redirected to edit (if you wish to) your emails

That’s it. We take care of the rest. 

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