We have 2 communities: Sourcers and Domain Experts. 

Our Sourcers are a global, freelance community who use multiple databases and networks to search for and submit relevant profiles per job. 

These sourcers ensure quality profiles for a handful of reasons: 

  1. They have access to multiple databases and networks
  2. They are paid weekly based on approved profiles as per the requirements (not per hires), so they never have to wait to be paid. 
  3. We have a scoring system that ranks the community based on performance and monitors and adapts the number of profiles allowed to be submitted per sourcer regularly to ensure we control each sourcers quality. 
  4. Weekly live sourcer training sessions

Our Domain Experts are responsible for the final stage of filtering and qualifying only the best profiles for each role, based on their domain expertise. 

The community is managed by our team internally and communicated with by us. 

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