We created and use a triple filter process: 

1. The first phase is from our global community of sourcers; who ensure quality profiles for a handful of reasons: 

a. They have access to multiple databases and networks.

b. They are paid weekly based on approved profiles as per the requirements (not per hires), so they never have to wait to be paid.

c. We have a scoring system that ranks the community based on performance and monitors and adapts the number of profiles allowed to be submitted per sourcer regularly to ensure we control each sourcers quality. 

d. Weekly, live sourcer training sessions

2. The profiles are then filtered by our machine learning algorithm which automatically disqualifies profiles if they do not match specific skills. This allows for fast, scalable and accurate assessments. 

3. The final stage of filtering profiles, and the most important part are our domain experts. They work closely with our Client Success and Community Manager to gain a full & holistic understanding of what you are looking for and need. They take the profiles from good to great and are a direct feedback loop to the sourcing community as well. 

There is no re-qualification required by you, this is how we save your valuable time to be better spent on more important things. 

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