1. Source profiles of candidates who have been working in their current position for one year or more. 
  2. Avoid sourcing profiles of consultants, unless the position is for a Consultant.
  3. For IT roles in the US, avoid profiles of candidates who have worked in the US for less than three or four years.
  4. Please source profiles of candidates with an appropriate level of experience. For instance, for a Recruiter position, avoid sourcing Senior Recruiters. For a Legal Assistant, avoid sourcing Lawyers.
  5. Unless the role is for a related senior position, please avoid sourcing Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, Presidents, Owners, Principals, etc.
  6. Please use the Search Tips provided on each role. 
  7. For one role don't submit more than 2 profiles from the same company
  8. Try to find personal email ID's as much as you can (we do still accept work email ID's on some roles) 
  9. Make sure the profiles you submit match the jobs must have's (location, years of experience and the skills listed)
  10. Remember - we are always open to feedback!
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