You will be paid $1 for every candidate you submit that is approved by our AI (reviews for duplicates, years of experience, blacklisted companies). 

Your bounty will be totaled up on a weekly basis (00:00 UTC Monday - 23:59 UTC Sunday) and you can expect your salary to be paid to you on the following Wednesday. 

Your weekly payment amount is displayed in the top of the platform. 

Here's how you get paid:

  1. You’ll earn a bounty fee of $1 by submitting quality profiles while ensuring your client acceptance rates are at the expected level. 
  2. You can track the total bounty fee each week on your dashboard.
  3. Every Wednesday (end of day PST), you’ll receive a payment through our trusted partner, Payoneer. (If you haven't set-up your Payoneer account yet, follow this guide : )

Payoneer is an industry leader in international payments. They prioritize your security and ensure that we make safe online money transfers to our community. 

Each week. we will be reviewing your performance to ensure you are submitting quality profiles. This will focus on your client acceptance and disqualification rates. Please read up on the performance system, as well as the action taken for poor performance. 

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