Anyone may join our recruiting sourcer community, regardless of your experience, background or current work situation. 

Who you are... 

  1. Freelancer with previous recruiting experience 
  2. Freelancer without previous recruiting experience
  3. Stay at home individual looking to earn extra cash 
  4. Student with spare time looking to earn extra cash  
  5. Fully employed and love your current job but want to earn extra cash on weekends/spare time 

What you need to know to be able to be successful with us: 

  1. Ability to source online profiles from various sites 
  2. Ability to match requirements set up with the profiles you submit (per job) 

As long as you are able to source online profiles that match the 3 main requirements ('must-have's') we ask for, you can join our community and be successful in earning extra cash each week. 

What are 'must-haves'?

Each job you click on will have 'must-haves' (requirements) to source based on and this is what we will assess your profiles against. 

They include: 1. the location 2. the years of experience and 3. hard skills

Do you have access to a computer or laptop? Wifi/internet? Comfy environment? Free time? Then join in and start earning extra cash.

Click here to get started:

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