Did you know that Visage pays you hourly for submitting quality profiles. This means that you get paid for approved submissions, regardless of whether a candidate gets hired.

Here's how you get paid:

  1. After passing the trial and prior to starting as a regular Super Recruiter, we will agree a regular hourly rate. 
  2. You’ll earn per hour by submitting quality profiles while ensuring your cost per resume and client acceptance rates are at the expected level. 
  3. We’ll track the submissions each week on your dashboard.
  4. Every Wednesday (end of day PST), you’ll receive a payment through our trusted partner, Payoneer. (If you haven't set-up your Payoneer account yet, follow this guide : http://help.visage.jobs/bounty-and-payment/how-to-set-up-payoneer-to-get-paid )

Payoneer is an industry leader in international payments. They prioritize your security and ensure that we make safe online money transfers to our community. 

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